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Bridge Street: Dolce Vita World Bistro Cooks

Local SYR's popular program Bridge Street preapares a special favorite from Dolce Vita with Chef Chris Ciciarelli. Check out the link below to learn how our Chipotle Lime Salmon is made with risotto and grilled vegetables as sides.

Watch the report here!

Lunch at Dolce Vita

We are open during the week for lunch at Dolce Vita and it is the place you want to be for a quick break from the office!

At Dolce Vita we understand that you’re probably in a bit of a hurry as you’re busy and need to get back to work. That’s why we have a well trained kitchen staff that is prepared to make your lunch as quickly as they can you can get back to your day.

If you’re just running in for a quick bite or need somewhere nice to take a client or boss, you’ll find what you need at Dolce Vita.

Our menu covers anything you could want from burgers and wraps to soups and salads.

Most of our customers love our sandwiches on our homemade bread that si fresh and never frozen, it’s made from the bag of flour to your lunch plate right in our kitchen. Our Headless Horseman is delicious! Tender Roast beef with a goat cheese and greens, it’s paired well with our handout sweet potato fries.

Then you have the California Turkey with roasted turkey, avocado, bacon, and cheese. It’s a lunch to keep you full of energy all day long.

Even our salads are amazing at Dolce Vita with some in house dressings and paired well with a hot soup of the day.

Come out and join us for lunch at Dolce Vita.

Happy Hour

We started Dolce Vita to be a restaurant and bar where friends can get together and enjoy themselves over great food and delicious cocktails. That’s why we feel Happy Hour is the best time of the day!

Whether you are catching up with an old friend, meeting coworkers after a stressful day at the office, or simply looking for somewhere to enjoy yourself, at Dolce Vita we want you to enjoy your food and drinks and not break your bank. That’s why we have the best Happy Hour in Syracuse.

From out signature Artisan Pizza’s for only $5 to our awesome mixers for just $4, you can have a great time, enjoy a delicious drink, and a filling artisan pizza, and still go home with money in your pocket.

And don’t forget to contact Dolce Vita and ask how you can enter to win a free happy hour for your friends or coworkers at Dolce Vita. The Free Happy Hour is for 11 people and comes with FREE appetizers and the first round of drinks for free! Call or email us today and say “I want to win a free happy hour!”

Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala is a staple at most restaurants, especially in Syracuse where there is a large amount of Italian American restaurants and a history of Italian American immigrants.

You can trace the history of Chicken Marsala back to the 19th century where it is believed that English families created the dish as a use for the marsala wine that was popular in Sicily at the time. One method of making Chicken Marsala is flouring the chicken and sautéing the chicken then using the Marsala wine to make a reduction and pouring the reduction over the chicken.

Traditionally speaking, you would normally find Chicken Marsala served with a pasta and possibly a vegetable. At Dolce Vita we serve our Chicken Marsala with creamy mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. We feel the dish is best served this way.

The dish gives you a warm and filling meal that is both delicious and unique to the area.

You can find our Chicken Marsala on the menu any time of the year and pairs well with a red wine or one of our signature martini’s.

At Dolce Vita we strive to create an atmosphere where you can come with your friends to enjoy a relaxing night out. Where you won’t have to yell over one another to hold a conversation and where you won’t have to wear a tie and jacket to have dinner with us.

Great tasting food, delicious cocktails, and friendly atmosphere is what we are all about at Dolce Vita.